Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DirecTV $280 Costco and Referral Deal (New Customers)

First off this is an online deal for new customers, and yes I will get a kickback for promoting this deal. If you don't have a Costco membership, don't fret. Just sell the $180 Costco card on eBay or in front of Costco to one of their customers.

If you're cool with that, and saving $280 on top off DirecTV's current prices for new customers, please proceed.

Go to
Click the button that says "Residential Customers Click Here"
Once the next page comes up, click on one of the orange "Learn More" buttons
Research and select the package that you prefer
This brings up the cart page, which will show you what your payments will be for the next 2 years
Now that you are on the cart page, paste this link in your web address bar
Type in referral account number 36858685 and click "get DirecTV now"
This will take you back to the cart page, you should now see that your first 10 months or $10 lower
Make sure that the Costco banner is still at the top of the web page so that you will get your $180 Costco card
Continue check out as normal
Print copies for proof and you're done

You will need to sign-up for your rebates before your install is performed. You will not receive a message about your Costco card but about a week after DirecTV was installed, I received an email notifying me that the card was in the mail. This deal is good until 02/09/2011.


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